Solar Water Heater….Under 20.00!



You know how when you go outside and your hose has been sitting out in the sun you have to let the water run for awhile because it’s so hot?  Why not use that “hot” water for something useful?…I have a huge patio and Outdoor kitchen and I have an outdoor sink…I use some very thin, very cheap hose to make an outdoor water heater.  The Hose I got at BigLots for under 10.00…and I had some Zipties left over from another project…

It’s really better to fill the hose up before you start doing this because it’s going to expand…but to make it simple I decided to show you how with an empty hose first….you’ll get the idea!…the more hot water you want, the longer the hose…make sure that you put the hose in full sun exposure before you hook it up to your faucet!


IMG_20140527_134136 Water Hose from Big Lots!     IMG_20140527_134214 Ziptie…



So, really what you want to do is wind the hose around in a single layer, it will save space and all the surface of the hose needs to heat up using the radiant heat from the sun…






you want to secure the hose so you can move it around if you want or store it for the winter…again, it’s better if you do this outdoors and hooked up to your water supply just because the hose will expand when you add water and it will expand when the water gets hot…the finish products can look like this!…



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