D.S. Epperson, M.S., C.M.A.

“Dee” Epperson has specialized in the science of Pharmaceutical Integration and Gastronomy since 1981.  She started her career as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant and then a Medical Analyst when she graduated with her Bachelors,  working for Baylor University in Manufacturing Cardiac Systems (Baylor Rapid Autologus Transfusion System) under Amnion/Kardiothor and then consulted in Nutritional Protocols for Oncology.  She earned a Masters and then her doctoral studies in Nutritional Science as it applies to Gastrointestinal Micro/Molecular Biology.  She has worked as a National Expert in Nutritional Mediums for Stem Cell generation and Microbial regeneration and growth.

Because of her extensive background in Health, Nutrition and the interactions of foods, supplements, herbs and pharmaceuticals on the body’s chemistry, her articles on health and her research website has been used as a learning base by many Colleges and University Nutrition and Dietary programs.  She has been published over 50,000 times in Newsletters, Blogs, Websites and Industry Magazines and Journals since 1997.

Founder of HomeBlend Gourmet and South Pacific Health, she has over 300 formulations for Functional Foods, Skin Care, Topical, Sports and Consumable Goods.

She is a Contributing Writer for several online blogs for Professional Athletes and Sports and Fitness Gurus.  She is a Network Nutrition and Health Consultant for several TV shows currently on the air and has done Medical Investigation and Analytical work since 1984 and is currently a co-podcaster with Ron Childs in LifeXtend Unlimited Podcast, SouthPacHealth.com Podcasts, “Fighter” and “Your Health Marches on Your Stomach”.

Dee has accumulated a series of degrees, Certifications and titles in her long career, some of which include -  Gastrointestinal Health Therapist, (IAOT), Phytonutrient Therapist (IAOT), Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach and Certified Horticulturist.

Dee lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her husband of 35 years, their 4 grown children and young grandchildren.