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When you make an appointment with our Specialist you are increasing comprehensive information for your primary care physician.

Physicians can only give patients about 10 minutes and that isn’t enough time for you to give them all the information that they may need to give you the care your health demands. Handing your physician a Comprehensive Report or Summary of your health facts, pharmaceutical interactions, concerns, diet, supplements, family history that has already been reviewed can increase a better outcome of health.

D.S. Epperson, a Clinical Medical Asst., Nutritional Research Scientist in Biochemistry and Molecular/Micro Biology and Certified Gastrointestinal Health and Phytonutrient Therapist (IAOT) She has worked as a Medical Analyst for 35 years will review your medical records, medicines, diet, supplements, exercise programs, procedures and treatment looking for contradictions and interactions that may increase a more favorable outcome for your care and treatment with your primary care physician

Click the “Make Your Appointment” Button below and look at the calendar for the day and time that you would like your appointment. You’ll pay for your appointment at that time (cost depends on the type of appointment you request). Interview appointments for Consultation or Analysis take about an hour.

You’ll be taken to a “Consulting Agreement” page once you make your appointment so you can confirm the service.

Once you agree to the terms of the Consulting Agreement, you’ll be sent an “Interview” form. Once you fill out the interview form, you’ll need to send that back to SouthPacHealth.com before the Interview Appointment. One of the Staff will conduct the Interview/Consulting Appointment that takes about 30 minutes.

Once the Interview/Consulting Appointment is complete, you will be sent a “Request for Medical records OR you can send us your medical records and/or labs directly for the Specialist to review.

The Specialist will review the interview, medical records, medicines, diet and all information from your files. She will then look for contradictions and interactions and begin the report for your Physician that will include medical information and suggestions or recommendations to improve your care and treatment.

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