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South Pacific Health founderDS Epperson has worked as a Health Consultant since 1987 for clients that have chronic or acute disease and are being treated by traditional, complementary or integrated by using Orthomolecular medical techniques and blood mapping. Researching and developing complementary and integrative protocols for allopathic therapies, her broad, diversified knowledge and creative, intellectual talent has let to over 250 proprietary formulations in nuraceutical supplements, agricultural feeds, veterinarian treatments, skin care, sports and fitness supplements, organic food lines and additives and her articles on health and functional foods have been published over 50,000 times.  She is also accomplished in more health related inventions in hard lines such as Municipal Particulate Contamination sheets for municipal sewer systems and leech fields along with Particulate Contamination whole house filters for both intake and return to systems, composting municipal sewage augers and methane capture systems for generators.

She leads the Samoan Botanical Division for South Pacific Health Enterprises, which studies ethno-botanical properties of constituents indigenous to the Samoan Rain Forest and Ocean floors, which resulted in her book, “Mother Natures Medicine Chest” – a botanical guide to home remedies and pharmaceutical recipes for methods of manufacturing medicines. [1986, Houston Texas].  In 1987 she started working for Baylor University under Amnion/Kardiothor and has worked since that time as a Nutritional Biochemist/Molecular Biologist specializing in Molecular Gastronomy and Culinology with an emphasis in Functional Foods and Ethno-botanical aspects for health.

South Pacific Health ScientistShe founded Synergistic Bio-Tech Laboratories  in Texas in 1984 doing integrative and complementary consulting and continued formulation development.  She has done numerous seminars and lectures on Preventative Health Care, Integrative and Complementary health care and health in general from Coast to Coast in the US.  She has had her work evaluated and reviewed by and has worked with John Sarno, Andrew Weil, Paul Cox and James Duke, all very accomplished Doctors of either medicine or Botany.  Finally, in 1999, she was asked to be the nutritional field expert in Stem Cell regeneration and re-growth and microbial growth for a national stem cell research group.  She worked for 2 years making nutritional recommendations on Stem Cell therapies in chronic and acute disease.

In 2003 she founded HomeBlend Gourmet, a functional foods company that specializes in health issues using ingredients provided to gourmet and pastry chefs to make culinary cuisine for health care patients.  Her products have been used in the largest health care facilities for seniors since 2003 exclusively and are endorsed by Certified Chefs at the Culinary Institute of America.




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