About Us…

South Pacific Health Enterprises LLC is a Research and Development company with formulas for various products in the areas of functional foods, sports supplements, skincare, and nutraceuticals.

The mission of South Pacific is to develop, manufacture and market these unique products that will improve the quality of life in a holistic approach of diet and active lifestyles.  It is our belief that everything we consume affects our health. As we enter the 21st century, studies indicate a constant degradation in the quality of life. South Pacific, is poised to introduce revolutionary products to nurture our well being in uniquely effective ways. We will achieve this through affordable, healthy functional foods and ingredients, effective sports supplements, unique skincare products, and evolutionary nutraceuticals. We will be recognized in the global health and nutrition industries for our ability to affect true and lasting personal lifestyle improvements.

Imagine, eating a dessert that is delicious and healthy and is safe for diabetics and will not raise your blood sugar, will help build your immune system, and control cholesterol. Or have a product for the millions of people afflicted with arthritis that is all-natural, reasonably priced, and easy for a person with arthritis to open and use. Or, have an all-natural product for professional athletes, that builds muscle and reduces recovery time from an injury.

These and more products exist with South Pacific Health Enterprises LLC. Join us and revolutionize the industry and be a part of the discovery of products that will change the face of the world that will be in every household.  South Pacific Health Enterprises LLC

Founder/Lead Scientist

Director:  South Pacific Health, LLC

Director:  LifeXtend Unlimited, LLC

               VP:  Research and Development

Director:  Horse Apple Farms, LLC

              VP:  Research and Development

Director:  Primary Earth AG and VET, LLC

              VP:  Research and Development

Director:  Savage Music Studios, LLC

              VP:  Producer/Director

Director:  Royal/Pacific Pearl Skin Care

             VP:  Research and Development

Director:  The Childs Residence Foundation

                Educational Programs

D.S. Epperson, M.A, M.S.

Medical Certification, Certified Gastrointestinal Therapist, Certified Constituents Therapist,
Certified Horticulturist (Zone 5), Interior Design Certification.

Director of Human Resources

South Pacific Health, LLC

John S. Epperson, J.D.

University of Idaho, College of LawIMG_2417

Director Pacific Pearl/Royal Pacific Skin Care

Kira N. Epperson: Licensed Esthetician


Executive Director:  LifeXtend Unlimited

Executive Director:  The Childs Residence Foundation

Ron Childs:  CEO

Ron Childs

Director:  LifeXtend Unlimited

Alema Epperson: Sales Adminitrator