Here…Eat This Root!

Back in the 50’s and 60’s, we decided that we could no longer take care of ourselves and our health…we had doctors to do that for us…which is weird because before that it was not unusual for the Women of the house to deliver babies, extract bullets, set broken bones and treat fevers, rashes and other ailments. Doctors largely came from Snake Oil Salesmen, back in the day..then the Pharmaceutical industry that made the Snake Oil got more industrious and created “medical Schools” and became quite honorable.

Actually, the practice of Medicine was developed largely by the Church, until one scientist in the clergy developed a method of making ammonia…which before that was a “human” fluid made only by God. Once men discovered that they could make fluids like God…it was all over and science started separating from the church.

Oh, there was science before, all the way back to the beginning of time, but Alchemy was deemed a dark art, one that wasn’t sanctioned by the Church.

As humans we have a tendency to pigeon-hole ourselves rapidly when it comes to acceptance, so now the only believable source of information is from institutions that control information and the access to that information.

What if you were in a situation like Haiti…did you know that the devastation in the city was much worse than in the rural communities? They had water and food within a day of the earthquake, they did much better than those within the city…why? Because they were self-sufficient, they didn’t depend on any one or anything but themselves.

So, what would happen if you were in this type of situation? Could you survive? Would you know how?

I grew up in mainly a city setting, but at one point, my Grandmother took me home to her Island…there was no electricity, there was no running water in homes, the homes were huts, there were no supermarkets, no radio, no TV, one hospital that was ill equipped and had a lot of Staff Infections and very few qualified doctors.

Even with the doctors and hospital on the Island, the care was so “back-woods” that people were scared to go in there.

My Grandmother was a Missionary and had great skills. Her father was a famous Medicine Man…He was a midwife, delivering thousands of healthy babies and he healed like no other could. He understood how to use what was around him to make life better.

When my Grandparents lived in the Islands, there was a missionary school in the village. The missionary school had a large amount of Caucasian teachers who moved there with their children. There were young Caucasian men on missions there too.

When they got sick, and they did get sick, they were sent to my Grandmother’s house to recuperate. My grandmother and I would tend to their needs and my grandmother would make them medicine from the lands to heal them. Most common ailment? Hepatitis sometimes worse…and she never lost a one. She incorporated the Samoan method of healing…which is diet and medicine. I learned at her side about all the herbs and foods to help each person. When I got older, I remembered my time in the Islands and learned to be self-sufficient.

Now, I have neighbors that come to me…I have a health problem and I have no money to pay for a doctor or I have a health problem and I’ve seen doctors for months and they can’t help me…Can you help me?

I can be up in the mountains stranded and I will still have a good meal, I know what to eat and what not to eat and how to know, because I learned to be self-sufficient.

did you know that Aspirin can be used for a lot of different things? From the bark of the White Willow tree, this medicine was used by the Native Americans to treat the “Whites” when they came to the Americas. After they treated them, they taught them…Aspirin doesn’t only help with headaches and heart problems…in small doses…in larger doses you may know aspirin as Acutane the acne medicine or in higher doses for chemotherapy in some cancers…an herb, made from a decoction into an extract down to a powder mixed with milk sugar…can do all that!

So, are you self-sufficient? Can you take care of yourself and your family if disaster strikes? Can you help yourself out of a it economic or physical?

How do you become self-sufficient? You look around and find an older Woman or Man that is willing to teach you…how to make your own cane rod and tie flies for fishing…How to macramé a net for fishing…How to make medicines or fertilizers for gardening, how to can food, how to deliver a baby, how to recognise and deal with emergency situations…take classes at the community college…they have lots of classes that can teach just this sort of thing…learn to be self-sufficient…you may save your life or the life of your family!




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