Price Page

So, once you’ve decided on what you want as far as services, these are the prices for those services requested. Then you’ll just need to make the appointment. You can either go to the “Specialist Appointment” Calendar and click on the day and time…or you can call your Specialist for your appointment!

Comprehensive Analysis: In your “intake” interview, you’ll be asked for some medical records to review if you have some chronic or acute conditions. One may be a Biome test. A “Biome” test is to take a look at your beneficial flora to see if your intestines are operating like they should be. These tests require an “At Home” Fecal test that is mailed to a lab. When the report comes back, the Specialist will read it and adjust your diet so that the flora becomes more balanced. She will also adjust what type of supplements and exercise you should be doing as well.

  • 360.00

Nutritional Consultation: In your intake interview, you’ll be asked for some diet and lifestyle information so that the Specialist can get an overall picture of how your diet may be affecting your health. She will ask questions about likes and dislikes on foods, what you crave, what you really hate…what your lifestyle is so that she can make a menu and diet plan that fits not only your lifestyle but your nutritional needs. a 14-day meal plan and grocery list is included in this service.

  • 120.00

Supplement Review: In your intake interview, you’ll be asked about the supplements you are taking along with any medications so that our Specialist can see if there are any interactions or contradictions within your daily routine that may make you function a little less normal. This requires some research into your medications and supplement ingredients, along with your diet.

  • 145.00

Ask A Question: If you have had a Consultation or an Analysis done and have some quick questions that need some clarifications…just text or email and we will answer those according to your intake and recommendations that you have discussed with the Specialist.

  • 30.00/email or Text

Cooking Classes: These are Master Classes, to learn to cook Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Paleo and Mediterranean. Classes are scheduled as Events and you’ll need to sign up in the Events Section.

  • 60/patient 40/partner

Eat, Drink and Be Wary: These are Luncheon dates with Dee. This means that you get to go to the restaurant of your choice to learn how to order out in a more healthy manner. This is a lesson in fast food, restaurant ordering that keeps you healthy.

  • 30.00

Consultation Review: If you have had an analysis done, have surgery or an ongoing condition or issue, you can continuously have your charts, medications, procedures and protocols monitored by our Specialist. This is an hour-long review, charged by the hour.

  • 180.00/hour

Grocery Store Class: This class is a 3-hour class using your menu’s. Our Specialist will meet you at the grocery store and go through your menu and teach you about choices you should make and substitutions that may be a healthy choice for your specific need and diet.

  • 60/patient 40/partner

Athletic Nutritional Review: This is a follow-up intake specifically for Amateur and Professional Athletes in diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

  • 360.00


When you call for your appointment, you will tell the Specialist or Receptionist which of the services you are ordering. After the intake interview, you will be asked to request medical records OR you will proceed with the consultation and then invoiced for services.

We do not take insurance unless your doctor requests that we work under him.