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Tile your floors…easy and cheap

July 21, 2014
Titling floors is pretty easy…if you’re doing a concrete floor like in your basement…it needs to be pretty level…or if you want tile upstairs, make sure you have your rock-board down on the sub-floor that you are going to tile…   You’ll need a couple things… Rock board if you are doing a wood surface

Solar Water Heater….Under 20.00!

July 21, 2014
  You know how when you go outside and your hose has been sitting out in the sun you have to let the water run for awhile because it’s so hot?  Why not use that “hot” water for something useful?…I have a huge patio and Outdoor kitchen and I have an outdoor sink…I use some

Make Your Own Outdoor Sink…

July 21, 2014
We have a huge patio with an outdoor kitchen that we love to spend time in when it’s Spring, Summer and Fall…we’ve always had an outdoor sink, but I wanted to put one in that looked really nice!   Before I went out and found what I was looking for, I prepared the area I

Make a Portable Root Cellar….On The Cheap!

July 21, 2014
If you have a home with a yard and are in the northern part of the US where it gets cold and snowy…did you know that you can make your own “Root Cellar” without digging holes or spending thousands of dollars for storage space?…heres’ what we do, it doesn’t take much time, and you don’t

Making Planters from Bowls…

July 21, 2014
You can save yourself lot of Money if you are a gardener by making your own planters out of bowls, old crock pots and ceramic containers…here’s what you do… When I first started out doing this, I thought that I could take a masonry bit and just drill through the glaze and ceramics…nope…   First,

How To Give Your Dog or Cat a Shot…

February 27, 2014
Just click on the link below and scroll through the presentation…it shows you just how to give your dog or cat a shot!…   Presentation for shots

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